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<span>Удаленный</span> отдел маркетинга

Remote marketing department

A whole marketing department for just 100,000 p. per month. We undertake all strategies to increase sales and promote your brand. Rich experience allows us to concentrate on effective tools as accurately as possible. You no longer have to torture yourself and waste time on ...
<span>Создание</span> сайтов под ключ

Creature turnkey website

The turnkey site, as many say, is exactly what we will do. We’ll create draft versions where, together with you, we’ll determine the concept, we will prompt and explain which and why it will be effective, selling and user-friendly. We’ll make layout and adapt the site to ...
<span>Сбор и анализ</span> данных для построения стратегии

Collection and analysis data for building a strategy

Each site must be promoted to receive traffic and convert traffic to profit! You can’t just buy links on the exchange and wait. The right promotion algorithm is needed! This is what we will do by collecting information about your business and the method of promoting your field of activity ...
Анализ конкурентов и выявлении рычагов продвижения

Analysis of competitors and identification of leverage

A competent analysis of competitors is a guarantee of successful promotion of a resource. The procedure determines the vector of development of opponents, reveals their "chips" and tricks. The application of the obtained information guarantees the growth of sales and positions in search results. What do you know about competitors' marketing strategies? Analysis of leading niche sites ...
Создание семантического ядра

Creating a semantic core

The semantic core is the most important component of your site; without it, it is not possible to promote positions in the search engine. We will make a complete collection of all keywords to promote and put them in the top. We collect all the keywords and phrases not limited to volume, check everything ...
Верстка сайтов

Site Layout

High-quality layout is the key to the success of an Internet resource. It is carried out in the development of news portals, trading floors, corporate sites. What is a modern site layout? HTML site layout is the creation of structural code that positions web page elements in a browser window. Work is carried out according to a pre-prepared ...
<span>SEO-оптимизация</span> и поисковая оптимизация сайтов

SEO optimization and search engine optimization sites

Rich experience and competent strategies help us to bring your site to the TOP position. We are constantly in the subject of innovations of search engines, quickly and clearly respond to changes. Every day we monitor the growth of positions and work with each key phrase. We bring to the top ...
Технический аудит сайта

Website technical audit

Many sites do not have regular maintenance. This negatively affects their functionality, usability, positions in search results. A technical audit will reveal the vulnerability of the resource, will allow for work to optimize and eliminate errors. YaGooru company performs SEO-audit of sites on a professional level. IN…
Аудит юзабилити

Usability audit

Conducting a usability audit of a site is worth in the following cases: high bounce rates; low visitor engagement; low conversion; low page depth. Usability problems are evidenced by a large number of under-executed orders! Usability audit of the site Analysis of the usability of the site will answer many questions. ...
Настройка продающих виджетов

Set up selling widgets

Selling widgets expand the functionality of the site, increase the total number of orders. They inform about discounts, promotions, interesting news. What are widgets for? Using widgets provides: improved usability; quality customer information; creation of additional motivation; increase the time spent on the page; increase in the number of calls; ...
<span>Настройка контекстной рекламы</span> Яндекс.Директ и Google Ads

Setting contextual advertising Yandex.Direct and Google Ads

Creating companies in each of Yandex.Direct and Google Ads systems; Collecting keywords without reference to volume; Selecting and backing up; Creating and setting up ads for both search engines and Yandex Advertising Network (YAN), Complete preparation and turnkey launch. -Setting ...
Оптимизация контекстной рекламы Яндекс и Google с применением Коллтрекинга

Yandex and Google contextual advertising optimization using Call tracking

Optimization of contextual advertising through call tracking is a modern, progressive solution. The technology allows you to identify popular ads, select products and services that are optimal for promotion. Call tracking is focused on collecting statistics of the current Republic of Kazakhstan. Its key features: the operator communicates with the client through a replacement number, connected ...
Рекламные компании в социальных сетях, ВК, FaceBook, Instagram

Advertising companies on social networks, VK, FaceBook, Instagram

SMM in St. Petersburg Promotion on social networks is a great way to increase sales. The event will expand the target audience, attract potential buyers. For a competent SMM organization, contact YaGooru Studio. We will provide high-quality promotion of your page, configure and conduct targeted advertising campaigns. Our…
Анализ эффективности рекламной компании

Analysis of the effectiveness of an advertising company

Increase the effectiveness of the advertising company will help its quality audit. The event is periodic in nature, it allows you to answer many questions: What is the reason for the cost overrun of advertising? Why customers do not stay on the site? Should I use additional product promotion techniques? How to increase efficiency ...
Ведение 1-й социальной сети

Maintaining the 1st social network

Анализ текущего положения, разработка плана продвижения Создание/корректировка представительства Уникальный дизайн Копирайтинг и описание Создания меню представительства и тем обсуждения Проведение конкурсов, акций, опросов Размещение тематического контента, до 5 постов в сутки.   Публикация контента по заданию Заказчика Модерация представительств Привлечение…
<span>Продвижение</span> на Яндекс Картах и Google Maps

Promotion on Yandex Maps and Google Maps

Customers come to you when they see you! Search on maps is extremely popular today, we are promoting your company on Yandex and Google Maps. With the growth of your company's issuing positions, the growth of customers and transactions will inevitably increase.
Адаптация магазинов на AliExpress под Русскоязычную аудиторию

Adaptation of stores on AliExpress for a Russian-speaking audience

Do you want your customers from Russia and the CIS countries to understand that it is your product that suits them and meets the high requirements of citizens of the Russian Federation and the CIS !? And this is low cost, product quality and delivery speed! We customize and create your product pages ...
Продвижение товаров в Популярные &#8212; Lamoda, KUPIVIP, WildBerries

Product Promotion in Popular - Lamoda, KUPIVIP, WildBerries

Just started to work with LAMODA, KUPIVIP, WILDBERRIES - but there are no sales? Network trading platforms are widespread. With their help, it is possible: to work with buyers from various countries; interact with a wide target audience; exclude expenses for the maintenance of the outlet and the service ...
Крауд маркетинг

Crowd marketing

Get a specialist consultation Any questions regarding crowd marketing? Contact our consultants. Experts will talk about the features of the procedure, recommend solutions that are optimal for your resource. You can contact consultants by phone, email or online form. Crowd Marketing: Reputation + Perfect Link Profile Using ...
Создание положительной оценки пользователей

Creating a positive user rating

SERM - Reputation Management SERM is a set of services aimed at creating a positive opinion about a company or product. Work is carried out in several directions. Social networks. Posting positive publications on social networks. Posts are accompanied by photos and links to pages on the site. Forums. ...
Гобо проекторы

Gobo projectors

Gobo projectors are advertising equipment that projects images on a vertical or horizontal plane. The devices are compact and functional. They require minimal care, are used outdoors and indoors. Key advantages of products. Originality. Projections look stylish and fresh, they are always turned ...
Фото съемка

Photo shooting

By contacting Yagooru agency, you can use the services of a professional photographer. An experienced specialist will prepare pictures for presentation, reporting, resume. He will choose the best angles, present the target object in a favorable light. The advantages of our customers. Variety of services. The wizard will create the optimal background, process the received images, ...
Промо ролики для instagram

Promo videos for instagram

Publishing videos is an effective way to promote an Instagram page. High-quality videos are well received by the audience, gaining a huge number of views. By contacting YaGooru, you can order professional videos for your Instagram. We guarantee: strict observance of the technical specifications; transparent pricing; convenient terms of cooperation for ...
Профессиональная видео съемка

Professional video shooting

YaGooru Agency provides video preparation services. During the work, the parameters of the event, the wishes of the customer, and the particular environment are taken into account. Field and studio shooting is possible. Five reasons to contact YaGooru. Individual approach. The work is preceded by thorough preparation. This allows you to shoot material that meets the requirements ...
Разработка и изготовление наружной рекламы

Design and manufacture of outdoor advertising

You can order quality outdoor advertising at YaGooru. We offer: volume letters; light panels; billboards; information pylons; car stickers. The products are of high quality and stylish design. It is resistant to external influences, retains functionality throughout the entire service life. ...


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