Setting up an advertising campaign in Yandex Direct and Google adsense.

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Настройка рекламной компании Яндекс Директ и Google ads.

Effective advertising company will allow you to quickly to promote the resource. It will attract the target audience, increase the popularity of the site, will form a loyal attitude on the part of visitors.

How does search advertising work?

Advertising through Google AdWords (Google Adwords) and Yandex.Yandex Direct works as follows:

  • user enter a keyword or phrase in the search box;
  • system analyzes the query, choosing the best options;
  • together several ad units corresponding to the key are displayed with search results (advertising has a priority location, published in the most visible places);
  • by after activating the advertising link, the user goes to the target site, and from the budget the company is debited a certain amount.

Client pay only the transitions! Ad display is free.

Advertising can be displayed in special sections, located on various resources. Such sites are connected to search engines, show ads that match the user's region and last requests.

What do you need to run an advertising company?

To start a company, you must have a website and technical specification. The latter is agreed between the customer and performer. They determine the cost of work, management features promotion, the duration of the company.

What are the stages of setting up an advertising company?

Calibration of contextual advertising takes place in several stages:

  1. Creating a semantic kernel containing key request.
  2. Writing text ads, selection thematic images.
  3. Determination of the company's budget and bet size.
  4. Setting Direct and Advords.
  5. Selection of negative keywords.
  6. Audit of a promoted site.
  7. Analysis of the pages of competitors.

Specialists set the maximum number of clicks and their price. Values are set in a certain range, adjusted automatically.

Setting up an advertising campaign by YaGooru professionals

YaGooru employees organize an effective company that meets Your inquiries. They will offer solutions for private craftsmen, commercial organizations, government agencies.

Specialists will provide:

  • high positions Your ads
  • effective impact on target groups;
  • thrifty budget spending;
  • rapid growth attendance rates.

Short and long term are available to customers. promotion strategies. The first are focused on stocks and seasonal sales goods, the second - for the comprehensive promotion of the resource.

The cost of a one-time setup of 5 companies is 35,000 rubles. Their management, debugging and analytics - 30 000 rubles per month.

Trusting business promotion to professionals, you make the right decision!



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