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Создание сайта с запуском контекстной рекламы для юридической компании в сегменте работы с автовладельцами

Creating a website with the launch of contextual advertising for a law firm in the segment of work with car owners

Industry: insurance and legal services for car owners the Situation at the time of the beginning of cooperation: the customer had a website in the old design of the 2000s development. The design of the template type and the pages of the site were not adapted to mobile devices. Contextual advertising was set up, but almost no applications came, CTR = 0.8%. Posted on the website...
Продвижение сети салонов эротического массажа в поисковых системах и на Картах Яндекса и Google

Promotion of the network of erotic massage salons in search engines and on Yandex and Google Maps

Client: network of erotic massage salons Situation at the time of treatment: the site is configured contextual advertising. There were appeals, but not enough. The client understood that there were 2-3 times more clients in this segment. There was an ambitious need to increase the flow of orders. The company was absent in Yandex.Directory and Yandex Maps, although many customers are looking for...
Разработка сайта и продвижение в ТОП-10 клининговой компании по Санкт-Петербургу

Website development and promotion in the TOP 10 cleaning companies in St. Petersburg

Industry: cleaning, cleaning of country houses, General cleaning situation At the time of the beginning of cooperation: the company for cleaning and cleaning services, activities were suspended. After 3 years, the head of the company decided to resume the work of the company. The equipment is available, so we should go with the highest quality approach, and focus on attracting a new customer base. Limited...


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