Creating a website with the launch of contextual advertising for a law firm in the segment of work with car owners

main / Creating a website with the launch of contextual advertising for a law firm in the segment of work with car owners
Создание сайта с запуском контекстной рекламы для юридической компании в сегменте работы с автовладельцами

Branch: insurance and legal services for car owners

The situation at the start of cooperation: 

The customer had a site in the old design of the 2000s development. The template type design and site pages did not adapt for mobile devices. Contextual advertising was set up, but there were almost no applications, CTR = 0.8%.

The site has published 900 articles that have no effect. The reason for this is the so-called spam, when in the texts on the page an excess of keywords and search engines see the site and its pages as suspicious. Therefore, 90% of the site’s pages were not ranked and did not fall into the search results and did not give traffic.

From analytics, only 1 goal is set per visit to the “Contacts” page. The volume of traffic continued to fall.

The client’s request was that the conversion of the site grows and the site again starts bringing orders from customers. This is the most common need among managers, so we knew what to do and started to work.


Create a new site from scratch, connect analytics systems, callback widgets, online chat and application form for each page of the site. Instead of listing the services on one page, distribute the services on separate landing pages indicating the benefits and advantages, as well as a description of the product. This opened up opportunities for detailed elaboration of the content, engaging the audience and increasing the statistics of conversion from visitor to client.

What was done:

Designed and developed a new site for generating applications with paid advertising Yandex.Direct and Google Ads and SEO-optimization and search promotion.

Development has traditionally been built around the following stages:

  1. Design
  • analysis
  • semantic research
  • user character description
  • conversion scripts
  • content structure
  • page prototypes
  • terms of reference for design and development
  1. Design
  2. Layout
  3. Programming
  4. Testing
  5. Transfer to the customer’s server
  6. Widget and component integration
  7. Retesting
  8. Startup

Special attention is paid to the study of the target audience: true needs, selection criteria, objections, fears and concerns. Therefore, up to 30% of the time in the development cycle of a new site is spent on its design. This allows you to make a website without errors from 5 to 15% in the application.

In the course of work on the development, the client came up with the idea to launch contextual advertising. Our online marketers have prepared a new pool of advertising campaigns. To collect keywords and write ads, we used data on the target audience from design materials.

This is the peculiarity of our work. After the client once ordered from us the development of a site or the setting up of contextual advertising, he has in his hands forever a valuable and useful database, marketing research. More information about how we do it is written on the page remote marketing department. All subsequent advertising campaigns on the Internet can be made simpler, faster and error-free due to the fact that there is an accumulated base of benefits and advantages about the company and the product for which customers are effectively attracted. 

Contextual advertising in the first week after the launch began to bring results in the form of targeted applications and calls. Collected keywords that are more likely to lead customers. Refused keywords with prefixes: discounts, inexpensive, cheap, sale, on their own. This is done to cut off the insolvent audience at the keyword level.

We plunged into the client’s business, conducted an interview, did an analysis of competitors, summarized and identified the most powerful proposals that would attract the attention of the target audience.

Difficulties at work:

The client was worried about the quality of the product and the timing of implementation. There were cases when the tasks were set incorrectly or the end result that the client wants to get was not completely known. In other words, an Internet agency specialist might not get specifics. We had to act under conditions of uncertainty.

We have always paid special attention to customer interaction. To do this, 1 time in 2-3 months, we increase the level of expertise not only in product knowledge, but also study the psychology, typology of customers. We are pumped in the management and project management. This allows us to work with complex customers, take into account all their requirements when working on a project.

Key indicators:

0.8% = CTR before work

7% = CTR after starting work

300% = site traffic growth 

number of applications = 65-68

customer acquisition cost = 100 - 150 rubles.


New site, mobile version, responsive design that opens on mobile devices.

It is important to note that the indicator was achieved not by the cost of the application, but by the value of the buyer who arrived at the office.

Configured contextual advertising with high conversion. 

Future plans:

Continue the search promotion of the new site, bring the result of SEO optimization in the TOP-3.



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