Website development and promotion in the TOP 10 cleaning companies in St. Petersburg

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Разработка сайта и продвижение в ТОП-10 клининговой компании по Санкт-Петербургу

Branch: cleaning, cleaning country houses, general cleaning

The situation at the start of cooperation:

A company for cleaning and cleaning services, activities were suspended. 3 years later  The head decided to resume the work of the company. Equipment was available, so we should go with the highest quality approach, and will focus on attracting a new customer base. Limited contextual budget At the start, it complicated the quick start. 


Focus on SEO promotion. Make a website and receive a stream of orders from search engines Yandex and Google.

What was done:

A site was created from scratch with emphasis on the seasonality of services from the assortment.

Development has traditionally been built around the following stages:

  1. Design
  • analysis
  • семантическое исследование
  • описание персонажей пользователей
  • конверсионные сценарии
  • структура контента
  • прототипы страниц
  • техническое задание на дизайн и разработку

2. Design

3. Layout

4. Programming

5. Testing

6. Transfer to the customer’s server

7. Integration of widgets and components

8. Retesting

9. Startup

Special attention is paid to the study of the target audience: true needs, selection criteria, objections, fears and concerns. Therefore up to 30% time in the development cycle of a new site is spent on its design. it allows you to make a website without errors from 5 to 15% in the application.  

Revealed popular services with an emphasis on seasonality. Collected semantic core and started search engine promotion. Promotion was done by proven SEO optimization algorithmswho have proven themselves well over the past 5 years of working with clients.

The bet was also made on the algorithm of early site throwing by Yandex. This so-called throwing secured the site at 80% positions and relatively quickly opened the flow of target customers. This result was ensured by site design - customers found answers to their questions on the pages site, and pre-defined customer needs helped write selling texts and increase the involvement of visitors to the site.

Difficulties at work:

The case when there were relatively few difficulties at work. By the time the cooperation began, the client managed to get acquainted with customer reviews and case studies, which reveals the level of our expertise and features of work on projects. The client trusted, and we confirmed that we can be trusted. They gave a full guarantee for the work.

Key indicators:

  • 3-5 applications per week in the 1st month of site launch
  • for 2 months increased to 2 applications per day


Today the company takes TOP 10 by high-frequency requests

80 applications per month for cleaning and cleaning services from St. Petersburg

After 3 months from the start of operations, the company received a stream of applications for services for general cleaning, cleaning of country houses, apartments, cleaning after repair and window cleaning.

Future plans:

Along with search engine promotion, run contextual advertising. Especially useful will be the launch retargeting. This is an ad showing to those user groups who were on the site, but left without leaving a request. Yandex advertising system is able to remember such users, break them into groups and show customers advertising, return to the site and helps make an order decision.



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