Promotion of the network of erotic massage salons in search engines and on Yandex and Google Maps

main / Promotion of the network of erotic massage salons in search engines and on Yandex and Google Maps
Продвижение сети салонов эротического массажа в поисковых системах и на Картах Яндекса и Google

Client: network of salons erotic massage

The situation at the time of the appeal:

The site is configured contextual advertising. There were appeals, but in insufficient quantities. The client understood that there were 2-3 times more clients in this segment. Has appeared ambitious need to increase the flow of orders. Company was absent in Yandex.Directory and Yandex Maps, although many clients are looking for masses nearby push. 


Create cards in Yandex.Directory for each salon and promote them on Yandex Maps in TOP-3 to attract the maximum possible amount audience. In the erotic massage industry, salons are able to have their own geolocation and display as a mark on the map. 

What was done: 

Created cards and optimized according to our copyright promotion method companies on Yandex Maps and Google Maps, which has worked well. Together with the advancement on the maps, they made SEO-optimization of the company’s site, over the period of 3 months the traffic grew to the level of full load of the salons by customers.

Difficulties at work: 

Erotic massage belongs to the 18+ segment, therefore it is not always easy promote because of the restriction of search engines. The client was missing Content: photos, descriptions of services. However, this is common when working with customers and we are always ready to solve these problems. Preparing photos from the open access, unify and write selling SEO-optimized texts for pages on the site. In the case of this client, we took advantage of the fact that all employees are real, there is someone to photograph. The photographer shot the masseuses, and we filled the site and cards on Yandex Maps with attractive photographs.  

Key indicators:

  • 200+ calls per month
  • 6000+ visitors per month from a card on Yandex Maps


  • The 1st card was withdrawn in the TOP-3 and was always shown at 1 position according to the top 5 high-frequency queries.
  • After 2 months, 2nd card, the 2nd address of the salon took 3rd place on the maps.

Future plans:

Increase the volume of network points by 20-30% per quarter. Fix with cards of other addresses on Yandex Maps. Attract traffic from search engines not only for high-frequency, but also for low-frequency queries. 



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